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The plumbing system in your house is complex; there are many pipes, connections, valves and drain lines leading in, out and around your home to bring you clean water and take away waste. People often take working plumbing systems for granted until something unexpected occurs, whether it’s a clogged drain or a major leak.

In order to identify and mitigate plumbing problems early on, we recommend you have a complete inspection of your home’s plumbing system done by a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs. This inspection covers all the aspects of your house’s plumbing to ensure the system is working smoothly.

Why get a whole-house plumbing inspection?

Having a whole house inspection reduces the risk of running into costly repairs because problems are identified and fixed immediately, even when they are only showing minor warning signs. Additionally, whole house inspections ensure your family’s comfort while lowering your utility bills. Inspections and maintenance rectify minor leaks that add up over time, costing you more than necessary.

Have a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs visit your home at least once a year to check your home’s plumbing systems from top to bottom. During the inspection, they’ll do the following checks in common areas of the home.

Main water supply

The contractor will check your water meter to ensure it can be turned off easily and that there are no leaks. They’ll also inspect the service line that feeds water to your home. If the meter or service line are old, you may need to have them replaced.

Next, they’ll test the shutoff valve on the service entrance to your home for leaks and valve functionality. Finally, they’ll go inside and check your water heater for signs of leaks, corrosion, rust or other failure.


Moving to the kitchen, they’ll run your faucets and see how long it takes hot water to reach the tap; if it’s slow, your water heater may have a buildup of sediment. They’ll also check the water shutoff valves and connections under the sink for improper connections and leaks.

Finally, they’ll ensure your drain lines are solid and secure, and then will run your water and garbage disposal to identify any potential clogs in your sewer lines. Slow draining usually indicates a block in the drain that needs to be removed.


In the bathroom, the plumbing contractor will run the faucets and check for leaks or corrosion, as well as check the water supply lines like they did in the kitchen.

Next, the tub and shower valves should be checked for functionality, the drain speed should be assessed and the showerhead inspected for signs of corrosion.

They will flush the toilet and watch to make sure it refills to the proper level and stops. One major toilet issue is a failing flapper valve, which causes continuous water flow.

Basement and other areas

Finally, the plumber will check all lines evident in your basement and pay special attention to signs of leaks or deterioration on the ceiling. They will do the same in other areas of your home, checking the floors and ceilings for signs of hidden water leaks.

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