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HVAC & Plumbing Questions and Answers

How much do your services cost?

BullsEye Plumbing does not believe in charging any more money above the cost of the job including labor, materials, and any permits or inspections if necessary. Before any work is done, our technician will provide you with an up-front price ensuring you always know what you are being charged for any service.

How can I be billed for your services?

We will do everything in our power to make sure your plumbing needs are satisfied. We understand that in some cases it is not possible to pay in full at the time of service. That is why once you are a customer of BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air we offer a net 30-day billing cycle for your convenience.

Do you have Financing options available?

BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air is here to do what we can to provide the same professional, top-notch service for our community regardless of their financial status. If you are unable to pay for plumbing work in full at the time of service please inform us of your situation when you schedule your appointment and we can offer you some options that may help.*

Two programs are available to our customers. Our 6 month same as cash program allows you to get what you need to be done today and pay the balance in 6 months with no interest! Our 3.99% for 84-month programs allow customers to make necessary upgrades for a low monthly payment and at an unbelievably low-interest rate.

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How often should I have my Plumbing/sewer line cleaned?

Cities like Colorado Springs and Denver, recommend servicing your sewer line at least once per year. In addition to this, Colorado Springs and Denver Utilities does not claim responsibility for damage to sewer lines that have not been serviced once a year.

How can I prevent drains from clogging?

In most cases it is possible to prevent drains from clogging by simply performing routine maintenance on the line. For most lines 2” and smaller we offer the best preventative maintenance solutions.

For lines larger than 2” it may be necessary to have your line professionally cleaned once a year to prevent any buildup or root intrusions from clogging the line. For main sewer lines, we offer RootX providing a 1 year guarantee against backups due to roots.

How can I stop roots in my line?

Unfortunately, once you have roots in your line, there is no way to remove them without replacement of that section of line.

However, BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air offers an affordable solution to help keep those pesky roots at bay…

With the #1 root treatment on the market, RootX, it is possible to extend the life of your pipes with a 100% guarantee against back up due to roots for 1 year after each use.

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Why is the water pressure in my home so low? How can I fix it?

In some cases low water pressure in your home may be due to an undersized pipe or old piping (usually galvanized) blistering and corroding from the inside. If this is the case it is usually best to replace the pipes.

Is there anything I need to do to my home to prepare it for Winter/Spring?

Yes! As in any home you will want to ensure you protect your plumbing against freezing.
#1 Make sure you disconnect any hoses or adapters from outside faucets.

#2 Make sure you have your sprinkler system winterized. This should consist of turning off the water supply to the system, and draining and purging the system with compressed air.

For spring you will want to reconnect and charge your sprinkler system. Its that easy!

If your home is not occupied you should have the home professionally winterized. This process is very extensive and starts at $150.00 for a one bathroom home and $50.00 for each additional bathroom. This is the best and most cost effective way to prevent freeze damage and possibly thousands of dollars in repairs.


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