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Our Highly Reliable Air Conditioning Services in Colorado Springs, CO

If you're looking for air conditioning services in Colorado Springs, CO, choose a company that will help make sure that you’ll be able to beat the heat when it hits. Your AC system isn't used all the time, but it needs to work when you need it to. Since it’s not used year-round, it's very easy for an AC system to break down when you need it the most. It may have issues that lay dormant during the extended periods when it’s not in use, and you'll only discover the issues when you go to use it. That's where BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air comes in.

Our HVAC contractor can help you with everything from repairing an existing AC that's on the fritz to helping you with suggestions for brand-new system installations

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

We can handle all types of air conditioning repair, whether we're dealing with ductless models or central air conditioning units. We’re available whenever you need care, so call us the minute you have an issue. Even if you discover an issue with your unit in the middle of winter, give us a call then. You don't want to put off repairs and have issues at the very last minute when the sun is blazing and there's no relief. You also don't want to sit on an issue that will only get worse the longer it's not dealt with.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, we're the company to call. There are several reasons that air conditioner maintenance should be high on your checklist.

Keeps System Running Smoothly: By scheduling regular maintenance, you'll be able to keep your AC system running smoothly. During our routine checks, we'll be able to detect any issues that could become issues down the road. We can address them early so that they don't end up requiring costly fixes. We'll check coolant levels, making sure that any lost coolant is replaced. We'll check circuits as well as the drain line, and we'll keep an eye on the caps and valves as well.

Keeps Warranties Valid: By scheduling regular maintenance, we help ensure that your warranty remains valid. Some AC manufacturers require that their AC systems are regularly serviced by professional AC techs. You could end up voiding your warranty if you don't follow this rule.

Improves Efficiency: There are all sorts of conditions that can make AC systems run poorly. With regular maintenance, your system runs more efficiently, providing excellent cooling without overusing power.

Air Conditioning Installation

We help with air conditioner installation and have skilled technicians on hand to handle every type of system. We can recommend efficient, powerful systems to you if you're unclear as to which model to choose. We can come to your home, do an assessment of your setup, and make recommendations that will work best for you and your family. BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air can also work on mini-split systems as well.

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Look no further than BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air for your Air Conditioning needs in Colorado Springs, CO and nearby areas. If you need a repair on an existing Air Conditioning unit in Colorado Springs, we’ve got you covered! If you need a new Air Conditioning unit all together we’ve got you covered for that as well! Click below to schedule your appointment and fix all your Air Conditioning needs.