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BullsEye Plumbing, Heating, & Air provides helpful services for equipment and appliances. You won't have to hire a plumber and an HVAC contractor in Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, from different companies if you work with us because our technicians have a large skill set.

If you need prompt services for an HVAC system in the local area, we can help. You can request an HVAC contractor from our team when you need our services in the following areas:

Other Services

If you're looking for specialized HVAC services, we have options that may suit your needs. Our seasoned HVAC contractors tackle projects that involve.

Roof top units - A packaged rooftop unit, or RTU, is a type of HVAC system comprised of all the components needed to provide conditioned air in one concise unit. These are common in commercial applications. These units feature the expansion device, the evaporator, the compressor, and the air-cooled condenser.

Gas Line Installation

BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air offers safe and reliable gas line installation services to homes and businesses in the Colorado and Denver area.

Venting upgrades - We can help with your venting upgrades when you reach out to an HVAC contractor in Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, and nearby areas from our team today.

To better serve our customers, we provide a gas line installation service as well. This particular service is worth considering if you're going to add new pipes in certain spaces during a major home renovation project.

HVAC Installation

If you're in the process of buying an HVAC unit, we can handle the installation. There are basically four types of HVAC systems, and as professional HVAC contractors, we can configure each type. We install

Split-duct equipment: A split-duct air conditioning system can heat and cool a specific area in a home. It manages temperatures using a condenser, an outdoor compressor, and an indoor air handler.

Duct-free equipment: If you want a sleek air conditioning system that can isolate pleasant air in a confined area, a ductless system is a smart choice. The equipment mounts on a wall very close to the ceiling.

Hybrid equipment: This system uses solar power to regulate the temperature in a space. Although the main unit is slim, it has an evaporator, a condenser, a heat exchange, and other internal components.

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is a multi-step job. As HVAC technicians, we have a basic maintenance checklist. However, because all systems are different, our maintenance objectives may vary depending on common risks and the conditions in an environment.

During a general maintenance situation, we always implement practical procedures to optimize an air conditioning system. For example, we'll check the pulleys, belts, and filters. If one of these components isn't in great condition, we'll replace it. Also, if we find any loose wiring, we'll use proper techniques to tighten the connections.

HVAC Repair

We service all heating air conditioning systems for residential or commercial use. Whenever your system needs repairs, we highly recommend our services because delaying repairs puts the equipment and everyone in the home at risk.

Our repair services eliminate the risks. Reliability matters to us during these jobs, so we always implement repair procedures according to a manufacturer's suggestions. We also use replacement parts that are recommended by the air conditioner manufacturer.


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Look no further than BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air for your Air Conditioning needs in Colorado Springs and Denver. If you need a repair on an existing Air Conditioning unit in Colorado Springs or Denver, we’ve got you covered! If you need a new Air Conditioning unit all together we’ve got you covered for that as well! Click below to schedule your appointment and fix all your Air Conditioning needs.