Why Air Filters Should Not Be Overlooked as an Important Part of Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

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Most people are aware of the function of air filters and why they are important. Yet it is still one of the most underrated components of furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, and the true damage that can be caused is still unknown by many.

How much damage can dirty air filters really cause?

While you may be aware that your air filters should always be clean, you might not know how big of a problem dirty filters could become. It might not seem like a big deal, but a dirty air filter could potentially block the airflow in your home throughout the entire winter. An unclean filter that is allowed to remain in a furnace can severely hinder the operation of everything around it, and what would have been a small fix ends up becoming a costly problem that compromises your entire heating system.

With debris restricting proper airflow into your home, the fan has to work harder in an effort to retain heating efficiency. To keep up with this level of production, the fan will eventually overexert itself and potentially burnout, rendering your entire heating system useless. In addition to this blocked airflow, dirty air filters also present health risks.

The health risks associated with dirty air filters

Another area that might not be given that much thought is what is actually happening to all of the unattended debris. If the debris is sitting on the filter while the fan is still running, it will eventually blow in one direction or the other. As the debris travels away from the furnace, its first victim is the ductwork. Once the dust reaches the ductwork that connects your furnace with your vents, it is only a matter of time before the dirt permeates the air in the living spaces.

Like a plastic bag that gets caught in a tree branch, enough wind will eventually blow the debris free—directly into the air that you and your family consume on a daily basis. This means that anyone in the home who may have any kind of breathing ailments, such as asthma or allergies, can look forward to a hyperactivity of symptoms. And even if no one in the home has any specific breathing issues before the bad air mixes in, consistent exposure to this subpar air quality could eventually lead to one developing health complications.

It is also important to make sure that you buy the correct air filter for your furnace. Standard “one size fits all” types of filters are only about 5 percent effective, which will not be enough to keep your ducts clean. You might be saving money at the time of purchase, but it won’t be worth it in the long run due to the inevitable repair costs that you will encounter.

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