When and Why You Should Hire a Plumbing Contractor in Colorado Springs to Camera Your Main Sewer Line

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Whether you’re selling or buying a house, have owned a home for a long time and haven’t done maintenance on it for a while, or are just curious about your sewage system, the peace of mind and potential savings that comes with a camera sewer inspection is invaluable. As a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, we’ve seen people save money and headaches countless times by investing in a camera inspection of their main sewer line.

There are plenty of benefits to a camera inspection of your main sewer line: it’s affordable, it’s minimally invasive and it comes with very little work for the homeowner. From your local plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, here’s a look at when and why you should invest in a camera inspection of your main sewer line.

  • Before selling your home: When you’re getting ready to put your current house on the market, there seems to be a million different tasks you need to be complete. One important step you definitely should not skip is having your sewer line inspected with a camera before putting your house up for sale. If your sewer line is all clear, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re putting a house with quality plumbing on the market. If it turns out your sewer line does have problems, at least you will be able to catch them before your potential buyers do. Either way, you’ll have information on your side, and be able to make fully informed decisions.
  • When buying a home: Even if the seller of a house you’re interested in claims to have already inspected their plumbing, you should still insist on conducting your own sewer line camera inspection. Hiring your own Colorado Springs plumbing contractor is the only way to be absolutely certain about the state of your future sewer line. If the seller appears uncomfortable with the idea or flat out refuses, then that’s a strong indication that you might want to keep looking.
  • When it’s been a while: If you’ve owned your home for 10 or 15 years and still have never had a camera inspection of your main sewer line, you’re well overdue for one. Even if everything appears to be fine on your end, there could be problems lurking underneath that could come to a head at anytime. The earlier you catch these potential problems, the easier and less expensive it will be to solve them.
  • Save money: Most plumbers tend to charge no more than a couple hundred dollars for a sewer line camera inspection. Having your sewer line repaired after major damage, meanwhile, could cost you up to $10,000. When you look at the math, it’s easy to see that having a camera inspection of your sewer line is a choice that could potentially save you the price of a car, a boat or a really nice family vacation. Whether you’re buying, selling or just haven’t inspected your main sewer line in a while, you likely won’t regret having it checked out.


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