Use These Tips if You’re Heading Out of Town to Avoid the Cold This Winter

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Winter in Colorado can get reasonably cold, and many residents pack up and move away for some or all of the winter season to avoid the snow and cold weather. However, many of those same people forget to winterize their homes before they leave, and may return home to find a mess from burst pipes, leaks or other issues that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

If you’re going away this winter, make sure to double check all your HVAC and plumbing systems before you go. Making sure everything is in working order will help you avoid costly repairs and extreme discomfort when you return. Follow these tips to ensure your home will be safe while you’re away:

  • Have an HVAC inspection: Nobody wants to return home to find that their heater broke, requiring furnace repair in Colorado Springs. If you have the time, it’s best to have a professional come to conduct a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling units before you leave. This inspection will give you the peace of mind that your systems are working properly and are well maintained.
  • Turn off the water: Turn off the interior and exterior water valves and drain all of the water down from your water lines. In the event of a severe cold front, your pipes should be safe from freezing or bursting.
  • Adjust water heater setting: You do not want to turn your water heater off completely before you leave, because this puts your pipes and tank at risk of freezing. Instead, set the heater to “vacation” mode or the lowest setting possible.
  • Check thermostat batteries: Check that your thermostat batteries are new and the thermostat is functioning properly to ensure your furnace continues to run while you’re away.
  • Set temperatures higher than 50 degrees: You’ll want to lower your thermostat as much as possible to save energy and utility costs, so don’t forget to change the temperature before you leave! However, you don’t want to turn the system off because your pipes could freeze and burst, resulting in an extremely costly disaster. Set your thermostat to a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure to clear your specialty settings to maintain one temperature throughout the day and night.
  • Clear garbage disposal: Although this may not result in costly damages or extreme inconvenience when you return home, it will ensure your comfort. Be sure to completely clear your garbage disposal by running it for 30 seconds or longer. Failing to clear the disposal properly could result in a nasty odor waiting when you come home.

Going on vacation is all about fun and relaxation, and you don’t want to be torn away from that fun abruptly because of a serious HVAC or plumbing issue. By taking the necessary precautions before you head out of town, you can protect your heating and plumbing systems from failure and allow you to return to the safe and clean home you love.

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