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Have you ever walked throughout your home in the middle of summer and felt strange temperature differences as you move from room to room? Even with your air conditioning system pumping in cool air all day long, you might find that your kitchen remains uncomfortably warm, while at the same time you might feel your teeth chattering in your bedroom!

This phenomenon occurs in numerous homes around the United States and it can usually be traced back to a core problem: poor thermostat placement. When your thermostat is placed in a confined space, an area with poor airflow or a space that receives excess sunlight, there’s a good chance that it’s not going to provide an accurate reading of your home’s interior temperature.

HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs can usually pinpoint this issue at a glance! Fixing the problem usually means relocating the thermostat, however for homeowners that want a more comfortable solution that will sustain their entire home, the smart remedy is zone controlled forced air.

Addressing the entire home

Zone controlled forced air involves placing multiple thermostats around your home, corresponding to different zones. For example, your kitchen and dining room might be one zone, ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms might be another, and so on.

The thermostats in each zone will all communicate with the HVAC systems that blow forced air into your home independently of one another. The result is this: if the temperature in one area of your home is significantly different from the others, your HVAC system will provide forced air only to that zone, to bring it up or down to the level of the rest of the home!

Zone controlled forced air helps you maintain an equal level of comfort across every room of your home, so that as you walk from room to room, you’re not experiencing any jarring temperature changes.

Efficiency and cost savings

Aside from providing you with a baseline for comfort across every area of your living space, zone controlled forced air also introduces a level of energy efficiency and cost savings into your home.

If your HVAC system is working to cool a home that may not need it, save for a single room that’s hotter than all the others, you’re paying for that wasted effort. Likewise, you’re also putting a lot of stress and strain on your HVAC systems to work harder, inducing more repair and maintenance costs, not to mention a lower all-time life.

Zone control for the future

It’s widely agreed upon by HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs that zone controlled forced air is an investment in comfort, quality of life, energy efficiency and cost-savings. If you’re feeling inconsistent air temperatures throughout your living space, it might be time to consider this upgrade to your HVAC system. Consult with your local HVAC professional today to learn more about zone controlled forced air and how it works, as well as what it might be able to do for your home.


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