Three Costly Reasons to Always Call a Plumbing Contractor in Colorado Springs for New Appliance Hookups

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The day you finally have that new fridge delivered or that brand new dishwasher installed is a good day: it means you’ve taken yet another step forward in improving the quality of life in your home. Your new fridge is going to function flawlessly to preserve your food, that new dishwasher is going to produce the cleanest dishes, and so on. 
But while new appliances are a great addition to your home, they can bring with them some very  costly problems if they’re not properly installed. Take a look at three reasons it’s imperative that 
you consult with a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs before you jump right into using a new appliance:
  1. Leaks and drains: Does your fridge have a water dispenser? If so, it’s going to have a water line hookup in the back. The same goes for your dishwasher, which uses water in its primary function of cleaning your cookware. If these hookups aren’t made  appropriately and securely, you could start to see dripping water. The bad news, however, is that these leaks usually occur out of sight and out of mind, until they become too big to  ignore! Moreover, if they’re not draining properly, this will cause the same problem. The  result is going to be remediation costs that are tacked on to your initial purchase investment.
  2. Functionality: Have you ever hooked up a water line? Chances are, probably not unless you’re an avid DIY homeowner. If you start practicing on your new appliance, you might run into some problems. What happens when you hook up the water line to your fridge,  scoot it back into place and test it, only to have no water come out? You’ll have to dig it  all back out and try to troubleshoot from the ground up. Save yourself the headache: call a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs to make sure it works right from the get-go.
  3. Hookups: If you’re installing a new appliance in an area that didn’t previously have  onewhich is often the case for washing machines and dryers—you’re probably not going to have hookups handy. Even existing hookups might not be right, thanks to the  innovation in modern appliances. Without the right hookups, you’re not going to have a functional appliance. Let a pluming expert make sure they’re in place and working right before you go through the trouble of trying to install a new appliance.

All of these problems are going to cost you in some way, shape or form. Water damage comes right out of your bank account, functionality issues cost you your patience and trouble with hookups can cost you time and energy trying to find someone to install them after the fact!

The smartest thing you can do when you finally make a new appliance purchase is to call a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs as soon as you get home. Scheduling an appointment when your appliance is delivered means seeing the installation through to completion without any setbacks.


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