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If you are thinking about or in need of furnace repair service in Colorado Springs, there are a number of reasons it could be a beneficial service to have done. Winter weather makes it extremely difficult to get by without a fully functional furnace. You definitely would be wise to have an annual furnace inspection or tune up by a reputable HVAC professional in your area.

There are a number of reasons why this is important, beginning with the fact that it will help better ensure proper airflow. During the inspection or tune-up, the HVAC professional will be able to find out for sure if the heating system is receiving the best airflow possible. If your furnace is experiencing reduced or limited airflow, it could place unnecessary pressure on the furnace, which ultimately could lead to more repairs or, worse yet, a reduced lifespan of the unit.

A professional furnace tune up also will allow you to maintain safety and efficiency. Small problems can turn into big problems, such as gas leaking into your home. Nobody wants to risk the health and safety of themselves or their family.

Another thing you will annually want to do is change your filter. By regularly changing your filter, you will help reduce allergies, while improving sinus and asthma symptoms, as well as the overall pleasantness of your air. The fact of the matter is, there are a number of great air quality devices out there, which can further improve your health. In terms of cleaning and changing your air filters, you will want to change disposable filters every month or two when you are putting your heater to work or if you are running your furnace a lot, have pets or smoke. Filters that are washable should be cleaned every two weeks or even more frequently to better ensure optimal performance.

The reason why it is so important to properly maintain your home’s furnace is because it needs regular maintenance to perform at its very best. When you have your furnace inspected by a true HVAC professional, some of the things that will take place include:

  • Checking the air intake grills for blockages.
  • Checking the heat exchanger for signs of cracks, separations and corrosion, as potentially deadly carbon monoxide can escape from a damaged heat exchanger.
  • Checking to see if there are any blockages or leaks coming from the vent system.
  • Ensuring that there is a tight seal on the blower access door.
  • Testing of the flame sensor for accurate operation and checking the burner for proper ignition.
  • Taking necessary precautions to reduce the risk of fire and help extend the life of blower components by performing an amp-draw test on the blower motor and comparing the results to the unit’s listed specifications.
  • Evaluating the blower and its components, which usually includes removal of the blower wheel to make sure that it is free of debris and dirt.
  • Running a test on the thermostat calibration to ensure that it is correctly running because your home will be more comfortable when it is.

These are just a few things to consider and understand if you are in need of furnace repair service in Colorado Springs.


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