The Importance of AC Maintenance: Tips From Your HVAC Contractors in Colorado Springs

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Following some simple tips from your HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs can help you save money and avoid the annoyance of having equipment break. If you’ve ever had your air conditioning malfunction during the summer or your heating fail over the winter, then you know the importance of keeping your HVAC system in good condition. Especially as your HVAC equipment ages, having regular maintenance and occasional inspections is more important than ever. One tip from your HVAC technician that you should definitely not ignore is to have your air conditioning system routinely maintained. Here are the reasons why you should call for AC maintenance today.

Maintenance is important all year round
Taking care of your air conditioning equipment is extremely important. By simply ignoring maintenance, you will wind up paying extra money, have no air conditioning during the hottest part of the year and need to prematurely replace the equipment. Like any other mechanical device, an air conditioning unit needs maintenance. Especially after a long winter with the equipment lying dormant and subject to harsh weather, air conditioning units need inspection and maintenance. It is crucial before winter to completely clean the unit and properly seal it before the cold weather really sets in. By doing this, you will make spring maintenance much easier. Come summer, a technician should stop by and provide a quick inspection. Most likely, they’ll also perform some basic maintenance tasks just to ensure your air conditioning unit makes it through the hot season without any problems.

Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning filters, inspecting the coil fins and condensers and refilling refrigerant if necessary. It’s also important to check for proper drainage and to inspect the coolant lines and electrical connections. No inspection and regular maintenance appointment is complete without the technician conducting a test run of the entire system and making sure the thermostat is in proper working order.

Avoiding maintenance drives up your costs
If you’re not convinced, just ask your HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs—failing to go through this simple process will negatively affect your air conditioning system. The age of the unit and ignoring necessary maintenance will absolutely result in a system that runs less efficiently. Whether because of low refrigerant, blocked-up filters or dirty internal components increasing the heat of the equipment, your air conditioning unit will need to run longer, harder and more frequently in order to properly cool your home. The results are higher monthly utility bills and unnecessary strain on the equipment.

In addition to requiring you to pay more, the accumulated abuse will definitely lead to larger problems down the road. For starters, you can guarantee that the equipment will not last as long as it otherwise could have. Replacing an air conditioning unit can be pretty expensive, so getting as many years out of a unit as possible is what most homeowners hope for. Moreover, premature wear will cause parts to begin breaking. Either way, you will need the help of HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs, but instead of inspecting, they will be replacing costly parts. Avoid days without air conditioning in the summer by scheduling an appointment ahead of time with a certified HVAC contractor.


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