The Damaging Effects of Heavy Snow on Your Home’s Plumbing in Colorado Springs

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Extreme drops in temperature that lead to heavy snowfall is the culprit for a number of plumbing issues that occur during cold winter months. Unpredictable and unforgiving, when nature takes the reins, no home is off limits. At times during the year when the weather gets bitterly cold, you must be on the lookout for any damaging effects of snow and ice on your home’s plumbing in Colorado Springs, including:

  • Frozen pipes: Frozen pipes do not magically appear on their own—heavy snow is the prime suspect in many cases, settling on and around your house and resulting in a chill through the walls, whether they’re insulated or not. When temperatures drop to freezing and proper precautions are not taken, both your home’s indoor and outdoor water sources are at risk. And whether it’s your garden faucet or the plumbing to your kitchen, frozen pipes are not only inconvenient—they can also turn into expensive repair projects. It’s inevitable that ice will cause pipe blockages, or worse, damage to your home.
  • Burst pipes: Often times, ruptured pipes go unseen until water damage starts showing up inside your home. This is because, unless a burst pipe occurs in a visible area (such as underneath a sink), most residential plumbing in Colorado Springs runs internally, concealed by the walls and ceiling, or even in crawlspaces. Heavy snow has the power to trap the cold and freezing conditions that lead to pipe failure and damage, which means your plumbing pipes can remain chilled, just waiting to burst.
  • Clogged drains: Pouring small amounts of oil-based liquid or fats down the kitchen drain may seem harmless enough, but couple this with a snow storm and you’re likely to wind up with clogged drains. At warm room temperatures, oil and grease remain in a liquid state; when exposed to cold temperatures, these types of substances turn solid and form a hard barrier in your drain. You may also find yourself having to deal with overflowing sink drains and food debris buildup, which creates further drain blockage right over that solidified grease.
  • Strain on hot water heaters: Everyone loves a nice hot shower. But cold temperatures combined with heavy snowfalls can take the warm water away, seemingly hitting the pause button on your home’s water fixtures. This is because of the amount of strain that’s put on a residential hot water heater during cold winter months. The unit’s water lines become cooler as outdoor temperatures creep indoors, so water traveling through these lines takes longer to heat. Since more energy must be used to warm up the water in the tank, your best bet is to allow breaks between shower use and when hot water is turned on elsewhere in the house.

Whether big or small, during sun, rain or snow, plumbing issues are never fun, but what’s worse is having to deal with pipe damage and not having running water at times that are most inconvenient for you and your family. If you are need of fast and affordable services for plumbing in Colorado Springs, contact the team at BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air today.


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