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One of the best things about my job is talking to all the different people that call in. When I pick up the phone, I know it is going to be one of three types of calls. It could be someone I talk to so often there is a business friendship, someone I know by name, or a brand new person. After talking to hundreds of different people in a week I have noticed a very common thread, we all love Colorado Springs. The majority of the people I talk to are transplants (i.e. people not born in Colorado), like myself. People tell me their job moved them here, they were stationed here, or (my personal favorite) they visited The Springs and thought it was so beautiful they had to move here. Everyone I talk to loves it here, including me. We love how bright and warm the sun is how blue the sky is, how every day we get to look at mountains, etc. Of course, we cannot be happy about everything. I am from Michigan, I miss seeing water every 5 miles. Others miss the ocean. For those that came from year-round warmth the winter’s wind and ice can be shocking. We all have different ‘I wish Colorado Springs had…’ but I can tell you we all have a common complaint. Regardless of where we came from or why we are here, none of us likes how dry it is (maybe someone does but I have never talked to them). The air is overly dry and it gives us dry skin, scratchy throats, aggravated sinuses; the static electricity is so bad in my house I feel like I am hit with a stun gun every time I kiss my kids. Now there are home remedies like boiling water, air drying clothes, having potted plants in your house, or even leaving buckets of water around your house allowing the water to evaporate into the air but personally I kill plants and I’d trip over a bucket the second I put it on the floor. Instead of trying to fix it myself, I would prefer and recommend getting a whole house humidifier installed.

I am sure you have seen the smaller humidifiers in action either in your home or in your local Walgreen’s store, (they always have one running), and from the moisture you see pouring into the air it is a reasonable assumption that a portable humidifier would be a good option. Unfortunately, the severity of the dry air almost cancels out whatever moisture these portable humidifiers can produce which is why I suggest a whole house humidifier. A whole house humidifier works with your existing plumbing and heating system making it easy on you to have moisture released into the air every time the heat system kicks on. Not only is this addition to your house a convenient solution it can actually help lower your energy bills. With moisture in the air, our bodies are more comfortable at lower temperatures, meaning that you could turn that thermostat down to save money without having to hear someone complain about being cold.

Whole house humidifiers have many benefits that I have not even touched on but a licensed HVAC technician would best explain those. A thorough assessment of your home may show that a whole house humidifier is not the solution for you and that is something a BullsEye technician would go over with you. If you find yourself saying ‘I wish Colorado Springs wasn’t so dry,’ call us. We have all lived with dry skin, scratchy throats and electrically charged children but we do not have to; you do not have to. Give the office a call and get scheduled for an assessment, at the very least you will know what your options are, how we can help and where to start.


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