Signs Your Drains Need to be Repaired or Replaced

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Signs Your Drains Need to be Repaired or Replaced

No one likes to see a slow drain, and when drains in different parts of the house start to clog frequently, it can create real trouble for you and your family. However, these signs are not the kind of things to simply try to unclog and then move on. By paying attention to the signs, you can catch needed drain repair and replacement early and reduce potential resulting damage from neglect.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines

  • The most typical cause of clogged drains involves solids that go down the drain when they shouldn’t: hair, coffee grounds, potato peels, pasta, rice or large amounts of food should be disposed of in the trash rather than putting them into the plumbing systems.
  • There is a common wives’ tail that grease can be flushed through pipes using a lot of hot water. This isn’t true, because the temperature eventually normalizes and the grease congeals inside the pipes, causing a blockage. Grease should be stored in a coffee can or jar and thrown away with the rest of the trash rather than flushed down a pipe.
  • Tree root problems in your yard can be a major cause of breakage in main sewer lines. If you have a lot of trees and roots in your yard and are experiencing clogged or slow drains; it is wise to assess whether an resourceful tree root has broken through your pipe and created leakage while trying to access direct and plentiful water and nutrients flushed down the pipes.

Common Signs that Pipes Need Repair or Replacement

  • Slow flow for drains and/or gurgling when a toilet is flushed is an initial sign of repair/replacement needs, especially if multiple drains in different parts of the home are flowing slowly, which indicates that the clog is not isolated to one immediate area.
  • Leaks under your sink or in other parts of your home, resulting in discoloration and water damage are a sign that something is not working correctly with your pipes. It could just be a seal problem, but it could be a sign of a pipe needing repair or replacement.
  • Wet areas in the parts of your lawn where sewer lines run when no rain or dew is present in other areas of the lawn can indicate a breakage or leakage in the main line out to the sewer system.
  • Fluctuating levels in your toilet bowl can show some pressure issues in the pipes that might be caused by a breakage or clog.
  • Other oddities, such as bubbles in toilet water, or backup in the shower after you start the dishwasher are an indicator that there is a blockage somewhere in the drain lines. Anything that makes it seem like the system cannot simply flush away or drain away whatever you are producing means that, most likely farther down the main sewer line, there is a blockage or break.

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BullsEye employs only the highest caliber professionals who can expertly assess your system and determine where there are needed repairs or pipe and drain replacements. We understand the factors that contribute to plumbing problems, from breakages to clogged pipes, and we have the tools and expertise to educate customers allowing them to make educated choices to improve the overall drain system. By contacting us today, you can get the peace of mind of knowing that your plumbing system is functioning normally, keeping the flow of drains at a regular rate and avoiding potential water or sewer damage caused by constantly clogging.


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