Should I Repair or Replace My AC Unit? Suggestions from HVAC Contractors in Colorado Springs, CO

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Choosing whether to repair or replace your AC unit can be difficult, as there are many factors to weigh, and no shortage of people offering advice.

A simple rule of thumb is that, for newer AC units, it’s almost always going to be better to repair rather than replace your AC unit, whereas for units more than 10 years old, even relatively small problems might mean it’s time to replace your AC unit rather than pouring money into it fixing problem after problem, as issues often compound in older units.

Here are five signs you should replace rather than repair your AC

Our team of HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs, CO has compiled this list of signs that you should replace rather than repair your AC. We hope this helps anyone currently having AC issues:

  • Your AC can’t keep your home at a comfortable temperature: The basic purpose of your AC is to make your home more livable. If it’s suddenly failing this task, it’s possible you need a repair. Common problems, such as with the evaporator or fan motors, can translate to larger system failures, but may be easy and less expensive to fix. Again, if your unit is older, or if this isn’t the first time it’s failed, it may be a sign you need to replace the entire AC unit.
  • Refrigerant leaking: It’s relatively simple for your HVAC contractor to patch a refrigerant leak and refill or recharge your unit with refrigerant. But, unfortunately, leaks often recur, which can become expensive to patch again and again. If you’ve got an older unit, you should replace rather than repair your AC if it is leaking refrigerant. Older units are also more likely to use Freon, a refrigerant that’s being phased out of use by the EPA. Go ahead and update to a unit that uses the new refrigerant (R410A).
  • It’s broken down before: Because your AC is a machine with lots of moving, interconnected parts, a weakness in one part introduces new stresses and strains elsewhere. If your machine has broken down before, it’s more likely to break down again. After a while, putting money into a breaking-down machine can become a waste of resources.
  • The cost of repair rivals that of a new unit: Many times, your choice is a simple economic one. If after talking to your HVAC contractor, you find the cost to repair is nearly as much as a new unit, it’s worth it to replace rather than repair. You’ll have a new unit, a new warranty and hopefully some piece of mind that your AC will run effectively and affordably for years to come. Make sure to collect multiple quotes on any repair, and preferably from companies you can trust not to overcharge you.
  • Current AC is inefficient: If you’re on the fence about whether to repair or replace, you should consider the monthly energy savings possible with a more energy efficient AC unit. If your unit is old and running up your electricity bill, the lifetime value of a new unit compared to your current unit might mean it makes sense to replace rather than repair your AC.

If you’re wondering whether you should repair or replace your AC, or you’ve got questions that weren’t answered by this article, please call us here at BullsEye Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ve got the best HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs, CO on our team, and we’re always happy to help.


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