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No matter what kind of property is being maintained by our customers, we want to make sure they always have access to the amount of hot water they need to remain comfortable in their property with the help of our plumber. The latest technology is changing the face of water heating in homes and businesses around the country on whether to install a traditional or tankless water heater. The rise of the tankless water heater has been swift in the U.S. and is changing the way clients look at water heating and the utility bills faced by all property owners and residents.

The Expert in Water Heater Repair

When our plumbers are called in to address a lack of hot water, we provide efficient and reliable water heater repair in Monument, CO. However, there are rare occasions when the water heater is beyond repair and we have to address the prospect of water heater replacement and all the options that we offer. 

In the majority of cases, our experts in water heater services will be asked for their advice on whether to choose a tankless or traditional water heater. The relationship we build with our customers allows us to be placed in a position of trust when it comes to making a decision about what type of heater will work best in each situation and which plumbing services they need immediately.

Tankless Offers Impressive Options

When a water heater is no longer working correctly and the cost of repairs is mounting up, our customers will often ask about the benefits on offer from the latest tankless water heating technology. One of the most impressive aspects of a tankless system is that of the savings that are on offer in terms of monthly utility bills when the tankless version is plumped for. Heating water in a traditionally styled unit means the inefficient way of providing hot water using a 40 to 50-gallon tank that needs to be heated throughout the day and night to keep the water hot and ready for use.

When our customers choose a tankless water heater installation, we can provide a water heater installation that ensures instant hot water that is heated as it passes through a small tank. Instead of the bulky option of a traditional water heater, a tankless option can be hidden beneath a cabinet or in a closet close to a shower, sink, or bathtub.

The Traditional Water Heater Installation

There are some benefits to be seen when choosing a traditional water heater over a tankless system. In most cases, the use of a traditional system allows us to complete water heater repair in a speedy manner. For properties where a larger area is covered by pipes taking hot water to different areas of a home, the use of a traditional water heater may make more sense and be less expensive than a tankless system.

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