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At BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air, we understand that having a home heating system is essential in the Colorado winters. We can send you an HVAC contractor that can help with professional heating installation and maintenance in the local area. Most people will need a heating system either installed or repaired sooner or later.

The furnace technology changes and improves every now and then. Therefore, it is essential to schedule checkups to ensure that you identify and fix the problems before you find yourself without heating in the unforgiving cold Colorado winters. We at BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air can help you install new and energy-efficient heaters that will enhance your comfort and save you money.

Furnace Heating Installation

Whether the heating and air conditioning system is too old and costly to operate or is broken and expensive to repair then, it would be wise to replace it. Although the decision to replace is based on an equipment analysis. At BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air, we will evaluate the existing system and provide estimates of the operating cost. We will also provide a prospective return on investment by installing more efficient equipment.

We offer a higher efficiency system that will lower your energy costs and eliminate the repair cost, ensure your home comfort, and reduce the maintenance cost. More significantly, our heating services will protect your investment by offering a more comprehensive warranty.

The process entails installing the furnace to generate the hot air to be fed into the air ductwork. In heating system installation, the first step is choosing the heater, after the BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air technicians have completed the ACCA load calculation. When selecting the equipment, you should know that a high-end furnace will incorporate better components, improve efficiency, enhance comfort, and result in a quieter operation.

At BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air, the actual heating installation process starts with the analysis of the air distribution system. The ductworks will be visually inspected and certified by our technicians. Once set, the technician will commence the connection process using the following steps:

  • Properly aligning the furnace
  • Connecting the furnace to the supply and return ductwork
  • All the connections will be sealed
  • The gas line will be connected and checked for any leaks
  • Connect the condensate line
  • Connect the flue system to the furnace
  • Connect the low-voltage thermostat wiring
  • Complete with the high-voltage electrical connections

Heating Maintenance

For furnace repair and replacement in Monument, CO, rest assured that we help in scheduling regular inspections, maintenance, and services. Regular checkups might prevent hazardous gas leakages.

Traditionally, a furnace can serve you for 15 years to 20 years, even with regular maintenance. But in case the furnace has not been inspected or maintained, then it could break down sooner. At BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air, we recommend that when you get some of these warnings to contact us for furnace repair.

  • Burning smell
  • Inconsistent temperature throughout the house
  • Higher than regular utility bills
  • Excessive moisture on the windows, walls, and other surfaces
  • Noisy furnace
  • Smell of a hot metal
  • Accumulation of dust indoors

Other than home heating and furnace repair services, BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air offers servicing, regular maintenance, and repairs on the HVAC system. If you need a solution to the skyrocketing energy bill, then we invite you to give us a call for a non-obligatory quotation. We also provide these other services:

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