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Highly Efficient Water Heater Repair in Castle Rock, CO

A water heater is an important part of many of our clients’ daily lives. When it doesn’t work well, it has a huge impact on how things go throughout the day. Until the water heater stops working, you don’t always realize just how much you rely on this appliance. Whenever you need water heater services, let a plumber from BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air address your needs. Our plumbing services are just a phone call away.

Types of Water Heaters

Years ago, the most common household water heater was the traditional tank water heater. It’s still a popular option for many homes throughout Castle Rock and the Colorado Springs area because it’s affordable and gets the job done. However, homeowners also enjoy the benefits of tankless water heaters.

Tankless heaters are smaller and require less space. They can be installed on walls and in tiny utility closets or, with some models, under kitchen sinks. Tankless heaters heat water on demand and use far less energy than their traditional counterparts. That being said, they cost more to purchase and install, which doesn’t make them an option for everyone.

Other water heating options include hybrid water heaters, solar heating, condensing water heaters, and heat pump heaters. At BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air, we help homeowners find the right water heater for their home. Call us today to discuss your options.

Water Heater Repair from BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air

When water heaters are well maintained, they last for a long time. Yet, sometimes they have little problems that need professional plumbing repairs. If your water heater is doing any of the following, call us:

  • Leaking from the bottom or top
  • Making rumbling noises or loud bangs
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Pilot light is yellow or orange
  • Hot water is discolored
  • Hot water smells

Our water heater repair in Castle Rock, CO, is performed by licensed plumbers with unrivaled expertise. We access the problem thoroughly and make professional recommendations.

Water Heater Replacement

Is it time for a new water heater? Once your water heater has reached the end of its lifespan, it’s important to get a new water heater quickly to avoid the inconvenience of not having hot water.

Apart from water heater services, BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air provides:

Contact Us for Water Heater Repair

Our pros will help you pick a new water heater, install it for you, and even haul away your old one. Call us today to learn more about water heater installation and water heater replacement.

BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air is a full-service company that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. We want you to enjoy your home and this means having its major systems running without interruption.

For 24-hour emergency plumbing service, call your neighborhood plumbers who’ve serviced the community since 2005. Call us today at (719) 243-1353 to schedule an appointment. We also serve:


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