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Air conditioners should be the correct size for your home to cool properly. If the unit is too large, it uses more electricity, because it short-cycles. Units that are too small will not be able to cool your home to the desired temperature. Learn how to buy the correct air conditioner size from BullsEye Plumbing.

Understanding BTus and Tonnage

Air conditioning services in Monument, CO often measure central air units in tonnage based on BTUs. BTUs (British Thermal Units) refer to the unit’s capacity to cool or heat one pound of water in an hour. Tonnage does not refer to weight in this instance, but the unit’s ability to cool. One ton commonly equals 12,000 BTUS, so a 2-ton unit means 24,000 BTUs.

Most home units are commonly 1.5 to 5 tons. If you need something larger, installing multiple units to reach the needed BTUs is more efficient and makes air conditioning repair in Monument, CO easier.

Measuring For the Needed Size

Before you get air conditioning replacement in Monument, CO, measure the length and width of the room with a tape measure, and write them down. Multiply length times width to find the square footage. For triangular sections, use the formula 0.5 times length times width, then add to the square footage.

Do not add areas of the home not cooled. Add 600 BTUs per person and 4,000 BTUs if you plan to for air conditioning installation in Monument, CO in the kitchen. If your home gets a lot of sunlight, increase BTU by 10%, and decrease 10% for heavily shaded homes.

The US Department of Energy gives suggestions for BTUs based on square footage. For a room air conditioner, you should use the Energy Star guide that includes the Energy Efficient Rating.

The quality of the unit must likewise be considered to ensure it lasts a long time. The right size unit and regular air conditioning maintenance in Monument, CO from BullsEye Plumbing will help you stay cool. 

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