Is It Time to Call on Local Heating Contractors in Colorado Springs?

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Being a responsible homeowner means more than just simply living in a home that you paid for. You must be disciplined in practicing preventative maintenance year-round and make sure that all aspects of your home are working properly, from roof to foundation. This includes maintaining the all-important heating unit that provides your home with necessary heat during the cold winter months. But how do you know when a problem needs to be addressed by an expert? Here are a few good reasons you might want to call on the skills of heating contractors in Colorado Springs:

  • You have a noisy heater: If there are scary noises coming from any section of your heating system like the furnace or heat pump, then something could be really wrong. There are many parts that make up a home heating system, and a single damaged or broken component can create noise, alerting you to a serious issue. Don’t let a potentially small fix quickly explode into a big expensive repair or replacement—call in the heating pros as soon as possible!
  • Little or no warm air is getting through: Vents placed throughout the house should have warm air flowing from them, unless you’ve closed off the vent. Even after turning up the thermostat, if little to no heat is coming into a certain room or the area just cannot warm up to a comfortable temperature, you might have debris obstructing the airflow, disconnected ductwork or a duct that has been improperly installed.
  • The air smells bad: When the heater kicks on, do you get hit with a pungent odor? First, try replacing the air filter. Dust, pollen, dirt and other contaminants floating throughout your home get trapped in the filter so you don’t have to breathe it in. On average and depending on your indoor air quality, air filters should be changed every one to three months. Kids, pets and location are all factors that contribute to gross smelling indoor air. If replacing the air filter doesn’t get rid of the bad smells, then your ductwork may need to be professionally cleaned.
  • Your energy bills are huge: Are your monthly heating bills way out of control, even for this time of year? Although wintertime spurs greater use of the home’s heater, it doesn’t always mean your bills should be higher. If you keep turning up the temperature only to find you’re not getting any warmer, and the only things rising are your energy bills, then you need to call local heating contractors in Colorado Springs. While older units tend to have more problems than newer ones, there’s always the possibly of parts needing replacement in order to get heat running efficiently through your home once again.

Smells, strange noises and higher bills—they’re all things that can come on slowly or suddenly due to your inefficiently working heating system. This winter, if you suspect issues with any part of your home heating unit, do not hesitate to contact BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air for professional and knowledgeable heating contractors in Colorado Springs!


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