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Utility costs are increasing throughout the nation this winter, and that includes right here in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, even old furnaces can be made to operate more efficiently if you hire the right heating service in Colorado Springs, CO for winter checkup and repair.

If you are under the impression that investing in your heating system’s efficiency is not worth the expense, think again. Here are five repairs and maintenance tasks that will increase efficiency and reduce your expenses this winter:

  • Professional checkup and service: Furnaces are frequently located out of sight and out of mind in a basement or closet. This keeps them from being properly monitored—as long as the heat is running, all is considered well. However, your furnace, even if it is only a few years old, depends on regular maintenance. Arrange to have a professional HVAC contractor check it before each winter to help it run cleanly and efficiently. Not only will this make heating your home more cost-effective, but you will also enjoy the reduced likelihood of furnace failure.
  • Updated thermostats: Replacing an older model thermostat with a programmable one will control temperature better and save you money. Rather than run your thermostat constantly at the same temperature, regardless of whether you are at home, you can program it to maintain a lower temperature while you are gone. This means less strain on your HVAC system and lower costs showing up on your utility bill.
  • Furnace filter replacement: The wear and tear on your furnace filters will depend on the size of your household and the demand on your HVAC system. When filters become dirty, heat will circulate less efficiently and result in a spiked heating cost. Check these filters to see the rate at which they collect dirt. While many households benefit from these being switched out once a year during the maintenance appointment, there are some who require new filters more frequently. Maintaining this routine not only lowers your costs, but can also prevent your furnace from creating dangerous carbon monoxide.
  • Seal ducts: Heat leaks frequently arise in ducts when the seams weaken. This is especially true if your close attention has been focused on your furnace at the expense of the rest of your HVAC system. While you are arranging for furnace maintenance, also look into duct cleaning and sealing. This will cut off one avenue for heat escape and help efficiency, as well.
  • Bleed radiators: If your home has a forced-air system and hot water radiator, the radiator will need to “bleed” each winter to let air out before heating your home. Start the boiler, let it heat up and make sure the circulator pump is running. Open the valves on the radiators and run it until water instead of air starts coming out. If this task is a bit much for your do-it-yourself home repair skills, your HVAC technician will happily complete it for you.

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