Preparing Your Home for Winter, Part 1: Tips for Winterizing Your Plumbing

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Preparing your family for winter is common sense. You would never head into a Colorado winter without making sure that everyone has coats that fit, boots and all the other necessary winter accessories. Yet most homeowners fail to put that same type of preparation into winterizing their home until it’s too late.

As your local plumbing and HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs, CO, we’ve seen our share of emergency winter repairs. The unfortunate thing is that many of these major repairs could have been avoided if the homeowners had properly prepared their houses for winter. Catching small problems early and following through with proper home maintenance can help you avoid the inconvenience of a costly emergency repair in the middle of the winter. That’s why we’re offering a two-part series on preparing your home for winter, and we want to start by providing a few tips for winterizing your plumbing:

  • Find your water main: If you don’t know where it is already, take a few minutes this fall to locate your water main. Knowing where your water main is located will help you be able to shut off the water quickly in case a pipe should freeze and/or burst. Being able to shut off the water quickly in an emergency could save you thousands in water damage costs.
  • Check for leaks: Check your plumbing for any leaks. Look for a constant drip, pooling water or, if your pipes are insulated, damp insulation. A leak is a sign of a weak spot in the pipe, so even a small leak can cause a pipe to burst during cold weather.
  • Prep outdoor faucets: Check any outdoor plumbing for leaks as well. Be sure that any outdoor faucets are turned all the way off. Remove your garden hoses, drain them and store them properly.
  • Insulate exposed pipes: Plumbing that is exposed in unheated areas such as the attic or basement is at risk of freezing. Be sure to insulate any exposed pipes. You can pick up insulation at any home improvement store. Simply wrap the exposed area of pipe and secure the insulation with duct tape or any other professional grade tape.
  • Leave your heat on: If you’re going on a winter vacation or visiting family, do not turn off your heat all the way. It’s best to leave your heat on at about 55° to keep your plumbing from freezing. You can also turn off the water while you are gone as an extra precaution.
  • Drain your air conditioner: If you have AC, be sure to drain your air conditioner pipes to keep them from freezing. If your AC has a water shutoff valve, be sure to turn it off. If you’re not sure how to carry out these steps, contact your local HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs, CO.

By following these few simple tips for winterizing your plumbing, you are well on your way to preparing your home for another Colorado winter. Get in touch with BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air for more information.


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