Four Winter Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Heating Repair in Colorado Springs

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It’s wintertime, which means cold temperatures are nipping at our toes. To keep yourself and your family from being cold inside of your home, the home’s heating unit must be in good working order, free of damage and properly maintained. If you hear sounds like banging, whistling or scratching coming from any part of the heating system, take them seriously, as these could be warning signs that something is wrong.

You should always act quickly when indication of heating problems arise. Better yet, avoid costly heating repair in Colorado Springs this winter by practicing routine maintenance and taking care of your heating system. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Change air filters: To create warm air during the cooler months, your home is equipped with a heating system with air filters fitted to clean the air. These filters should be changed monthly in order to work efficiently. On furnaces, filters not only filter particles and contaminants from the air—they also protect internal components from backing up with dirt, dust and other airborne debris. When air filters are caked in debris, airflow is restricted, causing your heating unit to have to work even harder to produce heat, which can mean higher monthly energy bills, and even costly repairs should breaks occur.
  • Clean air ducts: Your home’s air ducts are the channels through which the heated air travels to reach the inside of your home. Generally out of sight, these ducts are linked together, but are connected to individual vents within each room of the house. Since your heating system circulates throughout the day sucking in and blowing out inside air, ductwork needs to be periodically cleansed of unhealthy debris buildup or after a season of heavy use. Consider hiring a professional to clean your air ducts, as they will have the tools needed to get the job done right.
  • Get a professional tune-up: Regular heater maintenance is very important, and something that every homeowner needs to do and be aware of. Performing your own scheduled maintenance is fantastic, but at least once a year a professional should thoroughly inspect and tune up all components of the heating system. Maybe there will be no major problems when they look at it, but ultimately the key here is to prevent costly heating repair in Colorado Springs.
  • Program the thermostat: Many newer heating systems come with energy saving programmable thermostats, and some older systems may be able to be hooked up to one. For your convenience, you can set your thermostat to automatically adjust based on the time of day and your preferred comfort level. With a programmable thermostat, there will be no more pushing the up and down buttons when you get too hot or too cold. This can save the heating unit from having to overwork unnecessarily, which can cause expensive damage to the unit.

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