Four Signs That Melting Spring Snow May Be Damaging Your Plumbing in Colorado Springs

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Although spring is upon us, that doesn’t mean winter snow has disappeared. But over time the warm sun will melt snow and slush to water—a lot of water—which can cause problems with your home’s pipes. Here are four signs that melting spring snow may be damaging your plumbing in Colorado Springs:

  • Visible pipe damage: Slow melting snow and slushy ice may give the impression of being harmless to your plumbing, but water in semi-solid form can still cause pipe damage. When given the chance to just sit in place for a long period of time, the results can be disastrous, expensive problems. Cracks, corrosion, warping and even weather-damaged mechanisms on indoor or outdoor faucets can occur. So although you cannot see the water pipes behind walls, you can visually detect issues with pipes underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, exposed outdoor plumbing and pipes located in the basement and crawlspaces.
  • Freezing temperatures: Even as the weather begins to turn from the chilly tail end of winter to the warmth of spring, freezing temperatures can still impact your home’s water pipes—for the worse. In this case, you must keep an eye open for signs of possible pipe freezing. As water freezes within your home’s pipes, it expands, which can cause pipes to burst, leading to the potential for water damage in and around your house—and this means costly repairs. Before you take the time to remove warm covers from your outdoor plumbing, be sure there are likely no more cold snaps bound for your area.
  • Runoff and water damage: Lots of melting snow means lots of water. With that in mind, as the temperatures climb, water from melted snow can wreak havoc on your home and property. To avoid unnecessary damage, clear snow from the roof and down around the foundation, and make sure drains and gutters are free and clear of debris that may have been hidden by snow. If drains get clogged, backups can cause substantial property damage. Also be aware of low areas on your property that might be more prone to flooding.
  • Sewage backup: Flooding is the most common cause of sewage backups and can mean expensive repairs if left unchecked. As more water starts moving through sewers and drains, the possibility of backups in your plumbing system becomes more real. If you notice your toilet having a hard time flushing, your shower draining slowly or rising water levels in your toilets or sinks, you may be witnessing the early signs of a sewage backup. Another sign that something might be amiss is an offensive odor, a raw sewage smell. Basements are also susceptible, and in fact, they are prone to flooding due to backups because of they are the lowest point in the home.

If melting spring snow has damaged your plumbing in Colorado Springs, contact the team at BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air immediately and we will send out a knowledgeable technician to help evaluate your residential or commercial plumbing situation.


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