Five Common Issues with Your Plumbing in Colorado Springs and how They’re Costing You BIG

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Have you ever opened your water bill at the end of the month and nearly dropped dead from shock? This can happen to anyone when you’re expecting one thing and you get something far different! It’s easy to quickly go from shock to anger as you pick up the phone, ready to give the utility company a piece of your mind!

But what if it’s not the utility company’s fault? What if there’s a fundamental problem with your home’s plumbing that you’re not aware of—one that’s been lingering under the surface for years, but has now risen to the surface to cost you big money?

It’s not the answer homeowners want to hear, but often, the big water bill they’re so mad at is a product of an issue within their plumbing in Colorado Springs. And, until it’s discovered and remedied, it’s going to continue costing them money! Take a look at five such problems and how they’re responsible for your mega bills:

  1. Phantom flushing: Is your toilet flushing itself for no reason or continuing to run long after the initial flush: This is a sign of component failure with your toilet’s flushing mechanism or tank ball not properly sealing the tank off again. A continuously running toilet can waste 200 gallons of water each day—at the national average of $0.02 per gallon, you’re looking at an extra $4 a day, which is roughly $120 extra per month!
  2. Slow leaks: Anywhere there’s a pipe connection, the potential for a slow leak can arise. Slow leaks are aptly named because they exist for weeks and months before they start to show themselves. Maybe it’s only a drip at first, but the erosive properties of water can quickly scale up the problem until you’re losing gallons a day! More than just wasting water, slow leaks will destroy your home and create a myriad of other issues, like fungal growth.
  3. Low water pressure: If you’re stepping into the shower and being met with low water pressure, it can create the illusion that you’re using less water. In fact, you might be using more! People tend to take longer showers or brush their teeth longer with the water running because the water coming out seems to be less. The reality is, you’re using the same amount of water, the pressure is just low. Have a plumber correct your pressure to help you better manage your water use.
  4. Sprinklers: Maintaining your lawn is a top priority during the summer, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your water bill. Instead of wasting thousands of gallons water, water your landscape smarter! Use zone watering for optimal water distribution, set timers on your sprinklers, and control the amount of water you’re using.
  5. Meter issues: Is your water use being metered correctly? If your water hasn’t been metered in years, it might be time to check it again. If you have a well and pump system, you’re going to want to have your pump inspected and tested as well. Both of these things might not be your fault inherently, but are worth exploring if you’re seeing consistently heavy water bills.

If you’re shocked and appalled by a water bill, it might be time to start taking a closer look at your plumbing in Colorado Springs, to see if you’re not missing something within your system that’s inflating your water bill.


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