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There is debate about whether there are any benefits to duct cleaning. It is true that if it is done incorrectly, your indoor air quality will become worse, not better. That is due to particles being released during cleaning and not being handled correctly. However, when you hire a professional to clean your ducts while also performing pre-winter furnace repair in Colorado Springs, you will notice improvement in air quality and HVAC efficiency. Here are five benefits to ordering this service before the cold temperatures begin:

  • Reduced contaminants: The primary reason people arrange for duct cleaning is the assumption that after a while, ducts simply get dirty. While activity may vary from home to home, pet hair, dust and other contaminants can build up and get re-circulated through your home, causing air quality problems. Cleaning them stops this debris from being released back into your indoor air.
  • Vermin decontamination: If you had any type of vermin problem over the summer, a duct cleaning is essential. The droppings and dander from vermin can threaten the health of your family members, and once you end this problem, it is best to have a clean, fresh start. Duct cleaning is part of the decontamination process that helps make your home more livable again after a pest invasion.
  • Mold and mildew removal: Air condensation from air conditioners, or even the evaporation of a flooded basement, can attract mold and mildew to your duct system. Both of these conditions can prove more threatening than dust or even the effects of vermin. So if you experienced a basement flood or run your central air conditioning frequently, it is a prudent plan to give your ducts a good cleaning.
  • HVAC efficiency: While health and air quality is not affected in every home, there is one consistent benefit for everyone who orders a duct cleaning. Contaminants strain HVAC systems whether you are heating or cooling, requiring them to wear out quicker and use more energy. Filters also become dirty, which adds more pressure on the system. An air duct cleaning removes this condition and helps HVAC systems run better, adding to a reduction in energy waste.
  • Remove clogs: You are unlikely to realize your duct system is clogged unless you order a cleaning. If you notice your system registers blow out dust particles, it is likely that there is buildup somewhere in your system. As this can keep cool air or heat from reaching your living space, it is a good idea to arrange for a duct cleaning to ensure your ducts remain accessible.

It may be possible that you do not require a duct cleaning, but just furnace filter replacement. You can have that work done when you arrange for maintenance. However, if you notice the air remains stale and you still see dust particles, it is likely that it is time to clean your ducts.

For duct cleaning or furnace repair in Colorado Springs, contact BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air today. We can help boost the efficiency of your furnace before the winter temperatures set in.


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