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Leaves are beginning to turn, lines at the local coffee shops are longer as everyone waits for their pumpkin spiced lattes, days are getting shorter and we are all beginning to wonder “Where did summer go already?”  Well folks, it isn’t time to panic and we have a quick checklist of Top 10 Fall Maintenance Tips/Tricks.

1. Change those furnace filters!  If you haven’t done so already, be certain to swap out your old furnace filter for a new one!  You will be surprised at how this little tip will improve overall efficiency of your furnace, improve air quality and maximize the lifespan of your furnace equipment.  Not sure how to do this or prefer to have a professional perform the work?  No problem! Let our licensed, friendly and knowledgeable technicians perform a fall furnace maintenance for as low as $89.99 which includes the replacement of your filter!

 2. Furnace maintenance!  If it has been more than a year since the last time you have had your furnace serviced, now is a great time to schedule an          appointment for our Fall Furnace Specials.  For as low as $89.99, our licensed technicians will inspect major components, clean and remove dirt dust and debris, visual inspection of heat exchange, test fire system, replace furnace filter (Most standard 1” disposable filters), gas leak testing/detection, carbon monoxide testing.  This will ensure your home is safe and your equipment is performing at optimum levels.  Did you know 90% of potentially life threatening gas/carbon monoxide leaks are discovered through annual maintenance?  Rest easy at night knowing your family is safe from these types of threats.

3. Shut off exterior faucets and remove hoses and any attachments.  As temperatures continue to drop, it becomes especially important to remove all hoses/attachments.  Keeping hoses attached during the winter can cause the fixtures to collect water which can freeze, expand and break.  This can result in flooding and damage to the home.  Save your family time and money and remove those hoses and attachments before the cold weather arrives!

4. Blow out sprinkler systems.  Avoid costly repairs by having the sprinkler systems professionally blown out and cleared of any water.  This will help prevent underground breaks to your sprinkler lines.

5. Have your sewer line augured.  As the summer season comes to an end, it is important to clear out any roots, debris, foreign objects that may have entered your lines.  Trees will continue to seek out water and nutrients to get them through the long winter.  Cracks or offsets in your sewer line provide the perfect direct source for trees which can lead to large breaks or offsets and can cause costly backups.  Our trained technicians can auger your sewer lines to help prevent any troublesome back ups through the winter and ensure peace of mind while extending the life of your sewer pipes.  Curious about the state of your sewer line.  Allow BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air to perform a camera and locate service.  See more here!

6. Add weatherstripping. Apply weatherstripping around the window frames and doors to help keep the cozy warmth inside this winter.  Weatherstripping will also help cut energy costs and prevent your furnace from continuously working to keep a house up to temp. Adding door sweeps to the base of drafty doors are cute and also help keep heat in and cold air out.

7. Clean dryer vents. Keep your dryer working in tip top shape by having the lint cleared from your dryer vent.  Did you know that 35% of clothes fires are due to extreme lint in a dryer vent?  Increased static electricity due to cold temps and low moisture proves to be a great source to ignite lint build up.  Now is great time to get that lint cleared.  Most vent cleaning companies provide this service for relatively low cost.

8. Window A/C units. Do you use window air conditioners to keep cool in the heat of summer?  If so, it is time to remove them!  If you prefer to keep the window units, we would recommend covering the exterior of the unit with an insulating wrap to prevent the cold air from coming in and keep those utility bills low.  Interested in AC?  We can help with that and are offering some End of Season Specials.  Call 719.243.1353 for a FREE estimate!

9. Clean downspouts & gutters. After the leaves have fallen, be sure to clean out gutters and downspouts.  This will help prevent clogged gutters during rainstorms or large snow storms.  Clogged gutters can result in water pooling and could potentially damage your roof or siding.

10. Replace fire alarms and CO detectors. Now is a great time to ensure your family’s safety by replacing batteries in your CO detectors and fire alarms.  Doing this now will prevent the annoying reminders that ALWAYS come during the middle of the night.  Taking care of this task item will not only ensure a safe fall and winter but will truly allow you to rest easy knowing they will not be going off in the middle of the night for a battery replacement.


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