Benefits of Installing a Humidifier in Dry Climates

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For many people living in dry climates, spending time at home can get to be almost unbearable without one of those store-bought humidifiers. Unfortunately, many store-bought humidifiers do not quite live up to the needs of most homeowners. Those units never adequately humidify a room, and the fact that they can only be used in one room at a time leaves the rest of the house dry. They also require frequent cleaning and occasional replacement since many of them don’t last very long. Even when they are clean and working correctly, store-bought humidifiers make noise, need constant refilling and are an eyesore.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to store bought humidifiers. HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs can easily and affordably install an HVAC humidifier system in your home, giving you all the benefits of humidified air without the annoyances of a store-bought unit. Here are some of the benefits of having an HVAC humidifier:

  • Added comfort: Dry air, especially in the home, can be very uncomfortable. As a result of dry air, many people experience dry and itchy skin, a dry throat and scratchy vocal cords and even headaches from mild dehydration. Comfortably humidified air helps to moisten skin and ensures the air you breathe leaves you well hydrated and without a dry and scratchy throat. A store-bought humidifier may help you avoid these symptoms while sleeping, but what about when you are in other rooms or when the water runs out? If you had a store-bought humidifier in every room, not only would this be an annoyance because of the amount of time spent refilling water tanks, but it would also dramatically increase your electric bills. A professionally installed humidifier provided by HVAC contractors in Colorado Springs will efficiently and evenly provide humidified air throughout your entire home, ensuring your comfort.
  • Better health: Many links have been discovered between health and humidity levels in the air. Dry air actually allows viruses and bacteria to thrive and to lay dormant for longer periods of time. Humidified air helps to filter the air in your home, killing viruses and bacteria. Dry air also makes any illness worse, often compounding the symptoms of a cough, cold or sore throat. Humidifying your air helps you to get healthier faster and alleviates some of the symptoms of common illnesses. To promote the health and well being of your family, consider having a humidifier installed as part of your HVAC system.
  • Better protection for your home: All homeowners spend a lot of time protecting the inside and outside of their home. Whether it’s just basic cleaning and landscaping or more serious maintenance, we all take pride in keeping our homes and property in good condition. Many people are unaware of this, but dry air actually produces interior damage. Consider how much exposed wood and how many painted furnishings there are in your home. Wood and paint do not respond well to extremely dry air. Wood and paint can crack, peel and splinter as a result of dryness. Some level of humidity helps to protect the wood and paint inside of your home. For all these reasons and more, consider having your local HVAC contractor install a humidifier in your home.


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