Advice From Your Emergency Plumbing Service in Colorado Springs: Avoiding and Resolving Basement Flooding

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This spring and early summer have been fairly wet seasons in our local area, and the need for emergency plumbing service in Colorado Springs has increased greatly. Much of this spike is due to basement flooding, a common problem that can easily creep up on homeowners who haven’t experienced it before.

When your basement floods, you run the risk of causing permanent damage to your home, as well as ruining any keepsakes or belongings that you keep down there. Fortunately, there are some tactics your emergency plumbing service in Colorado Springs can use to help you solve flooding issues quickly and with minimal damage. And even better, you can be proactive by using preventative measures as well. Here’s a look at how to prevent and resolve basement flooding from your local Colorado Springs emergency plumbing service.

Preventing basement flooding

Basement flooding can be a huge headache, but it can be avoided altogether by using these simple preventative measures.

  • Keep gutters clean: Your home’s gutters exist to prevent any water damage from happening to your home. Especially during the rainy season, you should take special care to keep your gutters clean and clear.
  • Seal cracks: During the offseason, take the time to check out your basement’s walls and floor. If there are any cracks in the foundation, you have a much larger risk of basement flooding. Hire a contractor or make it a DIY project to seal these cracks.
  • Inspect your sewage system: If your sewage or septic system is dirty and clogged, you become much more vulnerable to basement flooding. This is because during the rainy season, overly clogged sewage systems can easily overflow, and many sewage systems are most closely connected to the basement. Make sure your septic or sewer system is cleared out before each spring.
  • Protect basement windows: Some homes have garden-level windows that look out from the basement. If this is true for your house, installing a plastic window well cover is the most effective way to keep water from coming in through these windows.

Resolving basement flooding

If your basement floods before you have a chance to put these preventative measures into effect, worry not: your local Colorado Springs emergency plumbing service has a few tricks up its sleeve for minimizing damage and getting the water out quickly.

  • Sump pumps: A sump pump is essentially a high-tech draining system for your basement. Sump pumps can be installed in a hole underneath your basement’s crawl space, and they are able to detect when your basement starts flooding. Once your sump pump detects water, it will automatically start pumping it into its tank. Sump pumps can also act as preventative measures, but you’ll need to check often and make sure that yours isn’t clogged.
  • Perimeter drains: Finally, we have perimeter drains. These are exactly what they sound like: a drain with a pipe installed on the perimeter of your basement that can redirect flooding water elsewhere.

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