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What Sewer Inspection Can and Can’t Detect

Regular sewer camera inspection in Denver, CO is key to maintaining a healthy sewer system. It allows you to see what is inside your pipes and identify any underlying problem with the use of special cameras. Luckily, BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air has all the latest equipment that will give you the best view of your sewer lines. Read on as we discuss what sewer camera inspections can do for you.

What Sewer Inspection Can Detect

Property owners call our team for sewer camera inspection services to determine the following:


  • Sewer Line Location. We use a unique signal detector directly above the ground as we push the camera inside the sewer pipes. The signal detector lights up or emits a sound when the sewer camera is directly below it.
  • Clogs and Residue Buildup. During the sewer inspection, the camera projects images of how big the clogs in your system are on the monitor. We can also see what is causing the clogs, like hair, grease buildup, and tree roots.
  • Sewer Connections. Sewer cameras show how your pipes are connected, and the direction where wastewater flows out.
  • Type of Pipe. PVC, clay, and cast iron are some of the commonly used materials for sewer pipes. A pipe inspection will shed light on the specific type of pipes you have, allowing us to recommend the appropriate sewer line rehabilitation procedures.


What Sewer Inspection Cannot Detect

While sewer and plumbing inspection can assess several aspects of your pipes, it can’t spot leaks alone. This is because leaking fluids can only be seen from the outside of the pipe. Meanwhile, sewer cameras can only see what’s inside.

Furthermore, connecting lines, scratches, and residue buildup can sometimes look like leaks through the monitor. Your plumber in Denver, CO must employ other methods, such as using special dyes, to confirm the presence of leaks along your pipes.

Nevertheless, sewer camera inspections are still beneficial in keeping your lines in check. If you suspect any sewer issue or live in an older home, be sure to have your pipes examined by the pros at BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.


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