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The Arrival of Plant Growth in Sewer Lines

Sewer line blockages can be a major problem for home owerns. It has been determined that nearly 50% of all sewer line blockages are caused by tree root growth. Given that plants and trees seek nutrients, moisture, and air, it is only natural that, upon “finding” a sewer line, these powerful growths can literally break the walls of the pipes. Large trees located unnecessarily close to sewer lines tend to cause the most problems.

Old, jointed pipes, as well as smaller pipes, are most susceptible, while some stronger modern pipes can resist quite a lot of tree growth. One of the major warning signs of plant growth in sewer and septic lines is consistent (rather than infrequent) drain clogs. It is worthwhile, if you have plants on or near your system and older pipes, to get someone to come check out your sewer lines for potential plant growth maintenance.

How Maintenance Can Help With Plant Growth

A skilled technician such as the professionals here at BullsEye can check for current damage and help you make smart, yet affordable, choices for repair solutions. This can include using other pipe materials, creating barriers between tree roots and your pipes, and even suggesting “sewer-safe” trees if you are willing to consider a long-term solution of that kind. However, even if you aren’t experiencing pipe breakage or blockage right now, a highly trained BullsEye professional can help you consider what your current situation is before the costly repairs happen and make a plan ahead of time, rather than after a system breakage.

The BullsEye Advantage in Sewer Line Maintenance

You want a professional, experienced team who understand the different sewer line options when it comes to plant growth, so choose BullsEye for your sewer line maintenance needs. Our work is comprehensive so that we can offer you the best possible options for your system’s long-term success, leading to longer life for your pipes.

The RootX Solution!

Have tree roots that are causing repeated backups throughout the year but don’t have the funds to make a long term repair quite yet? No problem, call BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air to perform a RootX Terminator Package. For as little as $199.00, our technician will mechanically clear your main sewer line and apply Rootx, an aquatric herbicide which contains no harmful products but will prevent root regrowth for up to 1 year! Once on an annual RootX program, you may be able to eliminate mechanical root cleaning all together.


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