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Music is like a raw emotion we were born with. It flows through our bodies and can expose emotions that we may prefer to hide. Songs make us bop and dance; they can lighten and darken a day. Its’ pure emphatic joy winds its way around our souls and brings out the most honest version of ourselves. You know the version I’m talking about, the ones we try to hide; the shower singers and car dancers and the ‘I’m not going to remember this in morning’ karaoke singers. Those versions of us are great! They’re happy, uninhibited and, honestly, wouldn’t you want to be friends with that version of you? Of course you would, we all would. If this weren’t true, the television show Glee wouldn’t exist.

Even if you’ve never watched one episode of Glee, I’m sure you’ve seen this before on a commercial or in a show. You have a group of people going about their everyday business and then one by one they start singing a song until you have the whole group singing together. I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved those scenes. They always made me feel happy and left me wanting a moment like that. Everybody wants a picture perfect moment and for the first time ever, I got to have one.

On an afternoon that wasn’t so long ago in our new office, there we were diligently working away. Stephanie and I were typing at our computers, Erica was sorting through paperwork, Danielle was bopping in and out of the office (as only a teenager can), and Heath was working hard laying down new flooring. Then our latest addition Shane came into the office, as his day was done. It was a moment or two after all the “hellos” that the radio started playing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, and that’s when it happened. I can’t tell you who started singing first or who joined in last but you had all of us belting out these lyrics as we worked away. I will say, to me, the best part was seeing Shane singing right along with us and really getting into it. We literally had not known the guy longer than 72 hours but he felt comfortable enough to be himself and have fun. The office filled with pure joy.

That moment embodied a key part of what we strive for as a company, to be happy. Not the happy it’s Friday kind of happy but the “I’m so happy that I have to dance and sing because if I don’t my chest may burst from the amount of joy I’m feeling” kind of happy. That kind of happiness doesn’t happen when you don’t like your job. It doesn’t happen when you’re not able to be the best version of yourself, that person you see in the mirror when you’re rocking out in your car. That happiness isn’t even a possibility if you can’t be honest with yourself and those around you. Happiness is found in the joy you give to others.

BullsEye as a whole can’t have that kind of happiness without being honest with you. We would not be singing together if we knew that someone wasn’t cared for in the way they should be. You being happy, you being comfortable enough to be that shower-singing version of yourself, that’s the only way that we can have our own explosive happiness. Not that we expect you to start singing when our technicians arrive but if you do, don’t be surprised if one of them joins in.


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