Keep Your Home’s HVAC Safe While You’re Away on Winter Vacation

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Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go: you’re leaving on a jet plane to… some place warmer! Before you dash away to a more tropical climate, be sure to prepare your home for the cold one you’re leaving behind. Heating contractors in Colorado Springs recommend the following steps to ensure your HVAC system remains in tact while you are on winter vacation.

Turn down the heat

Adjust your thermostat so you are not wasting energy but are also not risking frozen pipes. Setting it to around 50 degrees is a good mark. You may need to set it at a slightly higher temperature if you will be leaving behind pets or sensitive house plants. Fluffy will appreciate a little extra warmth while you’re gone!

Often, programmable thermostats offer a “vacation” setting. Use this setting to save energy while your home is vacant. A programmable thermostat can also save you money year round. They allow you to regulate your weekly heating program to match your work and sleep schedule. Heating contractors in Colorado Springs can easily install a programmable thermostat for you to start saving money this season.

Close up shop

You’ll want to protect your house against cold drafts, rain, snow and burglars. Check all doors and windows to ensure they are closed up tight and locked. A window left open even a crack can spell disaster from a storm or observant thief. Don’t forget to check basement windows and skylights, too. Ventilation shafts should also be closed.

Shut off the water

For added protection of your home and HVAC system, turn off the water supply to your house. Locate the main valve inside your home and shut it off. Your washing machine also has supply lines that should be shut off.

As an extra precaution, prep your toilets, too. Flush all toilets to drain the water from the tank. If your furnace stops working while you are away, water in the tanks can freeze, expand and crack the porcelain. For the small amount of water that remains in the toilet bowl after flushing, add antifreeze. This extra step will help protect your bathrooms from unnecessary damage.

Repair any leaks

You definitely don’t want to leave for vacation without first taking care of any needed repairs. Leaking pipes accumulate water in your home where it should not be. This can lead to damaged property, ruined possessions, and mold. Mold, in turn, leads to health issues. Avoid these issues by repairing leaks. HVAC specialists can do a thorough inspection to ensure everything is in good shape before you leave.

All aboard!

Completing these steps will help ensure your home is protected while you are away. Once you have winterized your home, you can enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of and will be in good shape when you return. Heating contractors in Colorado Springs are available today to assist you with these preparations. Call the professionals at BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air to get ready for your next getaway.


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