Avoid Emergency Plumbing in Colorado Springs by Keeping Your Pipes Warm

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As the cold weather hits, it is more imperative than ever to take the necessary precautions to ensure your water pipes don’t freeze and suddenly break. The cold temperatures can easily freeze pipes, causing the water inside them to expand and burst your pipe. This can call for emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs and be quite costly to repair. Take these steps to ensure your pipes are protected all through the winter and in the event that your heat goes out:

  • Insulate pipes: Using insulation sleeves, wrap your pipes to give them a layer of protection from the cold. This can add warmth to the pipes and slow the transfer of cold air, which can cause them to freeze. This added layer of insulation may be all that is needed in a cold basement to avoid pipes that break as a result of freezing. Adding this insulation will save you from the need for emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs, as your pipes will have more of a chance of staying warm and not freezing.
  • Keep the heat on: No matter if you are home or not, it is important to keep your heat on for the winter. If you are gone for an extended period of time, leave your heat set on at least 55 degrees, as this will be warm enough to keep your pipes safe and ensure nothing freezes while you are gone. Paying for the heat to be on during these periods to keep your pipes warm is cheaper than having a burst pipe and needing emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs.
  • Run faucet: If for any reason you can’t maintain the temperature in your home and it is getting cold quickly, turn on the faucet and get your water system circulating. Water that is moving has a harder time freezing, and the flowing water may be all you need to avoid frozen pipes. Just running your faucet on a light trickle can help prevent having to call for emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs, as your pipes won’t freeze.
  • Open areas to the heat: Spaces that have plumbing, such as underneath cabinets, can be warmed up to room temperature by opening the doors and allowing the heat to circulate around the pipes. This small step could save you from having your pipes get too cold and suddenly break because of the cold air around them. While it may be a slight inconvenience to have the doors of your cabinets left open, it is a small price to pay to avoid emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs.

Keeping your pipes warm this winter can help you avoid the need for emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs. These simple steps can ensure your pipes don’t burst due of freezing water, and will eliminate costly repairs as a result. For plumbing services at your home or business, contact BullsEye Plumbing Heating & Air. We offer 24-hour service seven days a week for any plumbing issue that might occur at your home and require repair. We also offer heating and air services. Call today to learn more!


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