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Advice from HVAC Contractors in Colorado Springs, CO: The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filter

May 30, 2017 9:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Are your air filters ready for the upcoming season? As the temperature heats up, now is the time to start thinking about switching out your air filters. Regularly changing your air filter can improve the air quality within your home, as well as improve system efficiency. Helping the system perform more efficiently can even help you save money on your monthly energy bills and emergency repair costs. To get the most out of your AC, most professionals recommend changing your air filter every month. That’s even more important during the summer months, when your AC is getting the most use.... View Article

Get Ready for Summer by Scheduling Your Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up Today

May 16, 2017 9:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The cold weather is gone and summer is finally approaching! Soon, you’ll be lounging by the pool or heading out for summer vacation. Before you know it, your family will be looking to escape the heat in your cool home. Your AC works hard to keep your home at the perfect temperature even if there’s a heat wave happening outside. Unfortunately, many homeowners go to turn on their AC for the first time and discover that it won’t turn on after months without use. A pre-summer tune-up is an easy way to ensure your AC will be ready for warmer... View Article

Helpful Spring and Summer Tips for HVAC and Plumbing in Colorado Springs

April 28, 2017 10:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Spring has officially arrived, and summer isn’t too far behind it, which has made a lot of people excited. As the seasons change and the weather warms up, people are taking the necessary steps to ensure their homes are prepared for everything the coming months might hold. For some homeowners, the worst is a clogged drain, but to others, it is having an air conditioner that doesn’t work. Both problems are annoying, but when you prep for the spring and summer, very few problems should arise. When prepping your HVAC and plumbing in Colorado Springs for spring and summer, here... View Article

Dos & Don’ts for Keeping Your Drain Lines Clear

April 14, 2017 10:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your home’s plumbing can sometimes be a problem. Busted pipes, clogged toilets and unclear drains are only a few of the many issues that can arise. Should you be experiencing difficulty with your drains—particularly issues with clogging—there are actually a few things you can do to put an end to this issue and enjoy having clean, clear drain lines once again. Here is some advice from your local plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs on how to keep your drain lines clear: Do perform regular cleanings: Everyone cleans their home, but what they may not consider cleaning when they are just... View Article

Polybutylene Piping: Dealing with the Aftermath of the Class Action Lawsuit

April 4, 2017 3:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Polybutylene plumbing used to be commonplace in homes throughout the country from the 1970s to the mid-1990s. It was a popular choice because it was cheap to produce, easy to install and required little to no maintenance. Homeowners throughout the country loved it, and it quickly became a popular substitute for traditional copper tubing. But in 1995, more than 10 million homes with polybutylene piping were in for a shock when a class action lawsuit revealed that the piping wasn’t all it was made out to be. The piping was notorious for leaking and degrading when exposed to chlorinated water.... View Article