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To regulate temperatures and avoid breakdowns while running an air conditioner, we must maintain the equipment. At BullsEye Plumbing, Heating, & Air, we have experts that specialize in air conditioning services for mini-split systems. You can request an HVAC contractor from our company for maintenance and repairs, and if you ever buy new equipment, we'll install it if you use our installation service.

A mini split air conditioner is also known as split units. These have two casings mounted at the inside and outside. This is a less noisy option because of the way it is set-up. Our team is well-versed in all air conditioning services and systems so consult us right away.

Seek Air Conditioning Repair

In the spring, an air conditioning mini-split system needs maintenance because it prepares the equipment for long cooling cycles. Spring maintenance is important as it counters any damage that occurred during the winter. For example, if heavy frost covered your equipment following multiple winter storms, a tune-up can prevent performance problems in the spring. During our maintenance routines, we always check all components and the refrigerant level of the mini-split system. Usually, throughout the previous season, the refrigerant depletes, so an average system may need more refrigerant in early spring.

Fall maintenance prepares an air conditioner for winter weather. We prepare outdoor systems for ice and snow by checking and optimizing all of its components. If a unit is vulnerable, we'll recommend a cover. A strong cover will shield the equipment from the elements throughout intense winter storms.

Air Conditioning Replacement

After an air conditioner is installed, it supplies cool air in the spring and summer and heat in the fall and winter. During these cycles, an air conditioning system's overall efficiency could drop if the equipment wasn't installed and configured correctly. When performance suffers, the cooling and heating cycles will be longer, and this can strain key hardware and raise the energy costs. If you let a professional install and configure your new air conditioning system, it will operate better because everything will be optimized for your home.

An air conditioning system has many wires that transfer electricity. During the installation, all of these wires must be configured correctly to prevent an electrical fire. If a wire is frayed while installation procedures are implemented, a fire could ignite if the coils are exposed to the elements. If you don't know how to work with wiring, capacitors, and circuit breaker components, a professional should install your air conditioner.

Some air conditioning systems will require replacement parts following a break down because an evaporator coil, condenser coil, compressor, or fan can fail. This isn't a major problem since there are supply stores that sell compatible replacements for these components. As professional HVAC contractors, we have access to these items. We can remove a defective or damaged part and replace it with a quality component that meets the HVAC manufacturer's repair standards.

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