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Building and engineering codes for utilities and excavation in Colorado Springs and the El Paso county greater area is regarded by many, and rightly so, as a confusing subject. This is in part a result of how hard it is (despite the modern era we live in where all the world’s information is but the opening of an “app” away) to simply access the codes. Type into Google the key words you would think would lead you to that information… Go ahead, I’m not going anywhere. Did you try something like “utilities excavation codes”? or perhaps you entered “excavation code Colorado Springs”? You will find that only a very small number of very specific strings of letters and spaces gets you the page you ultimately need. Once at the desired location of the online pdf, you must wander through series of archaic and more often than not self-contradictory laws and regulations. This point is where many but the most stalwart of legal peruses stop after feeling a faint while their brain tries to slide it’s way out through their ears.

Those that continue onward must swim through the quagmire of precedents and regulations, each presenting their interesting, if altogether inconsistent projections. For example, while it may be require a permit to build a fence higher than six feet (presumably because it could interfere with the neighbors views of the mountains, or even worse prevent a black bear from taking residence in your back yard), an oil derrick is completely acceptable for all the start-up oil barons out there. Suppose at this point you are thinking to yourself “I really just need to know the utilities and excavation codes for Colorado Springs so I don’t get slapped with a legal violation”. You then decide to use the find (control+f) feature in all written .pdf files. This is the moment that even the survivors of the previous bureaucratic attack start foaming at the mouth. The maze only gets deeper and there appears to be no hope in sight.

Thankfully, there is a solution for those who want to save themselves the whole lot of confusion and ultimately frustrating condition of doing some late night legal reading. That would be to hire a certified contractor who is familiar with the codes by proxy of his trade. Bullseye Plumbing is a small family owned company that can guarantee work on any residential utilities excavation in Colorado Springs or the El Paso greater area. We take pride in our work and want to insure you know we are ready to give you only the best in services. If you are interested just pop over to our excavation page and schedule an appointment today!

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